On-Going Projects for 2012

So, I’ve been keeping busy this year with two major projects that I hope get to see the light at the end of the tunnel come this summer and I wanna let y’all know what each one entails…

The Stuffed Bear Muse Project (SBMP)

A collection of some of my favorite bear fellas drawn/photographed in their under gear and recreated in 12″-scaled sewn and stuffed creations.  This project is meant to highlight the diverse shapes, sizes, personalities and hotness that I find in the bear community that might not otherwise be celebrated in other communities.  The project is a response to the growing issue of body dysmorphia and depression I’ve encountered (particularly amongst gay men) that oftentimes prevents us from fully embracing ourselves, even amongst a subcultural community that seeks to celebrate diversity.  Proceeds from the sales will be donated to non-profit organizations providing education and services to gay men struggling with depression & body dysmorphia.  My hope is to have a dozen bears ready for exhibition by the end of June the summer 2012 season. It’s a bare bones operation right now, so unfortunately I’m not in a position that I can offer participants money for their time.  However, their participation in helping me see this project come to life would be gratefully appreciated.


A zine-style comic memoir of the challenges and celebrations of a former straightedge punk rock kid turned meth-addicted junkie prostitute before finding their calling in the arts and the ultimate road to recovery. Includes drugs, sex, & rock’n’roll with a Queer twist!


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